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This year its a no-brainer!

I’m a huge fan of stationary. The better I can plan and organise a project the easier it is to pull off, not to mention how organised it makes me feel. So why would I treat my weight loss goals any differently?

20150105_082759I splurged over the new year break and bought myself a new diary for 2015. I already have one for organising my general appointments and reminders, but to really take control of the year I wanted a diary I can write in every day, take everywhere as its not too big or bulky, where I can track what I’m eating, how many steps I get done each day, how much water I drank, how I’m feeling – all of that.

I find it too personal to put this stuff in my appointment diary as other people see that when I’m booking things in. This is for my eyes only!

I have added colourful tabs along the top that mark out the half way point, and end of each month so I can clearly see how much further I have to go before my next deadline. I also found this neat pencil case that slips over the cover of my book and holds my pens. No more excuses not to do my food entries because I don’t have a pen handy. I also use planning as a way to avoid the kitchen and snacking so being able to have this with me is really key.





So happy with this buy! It has really been keeping me on track!!


I’ve discovered a key

Losing weight requires motivation, determination, and will power, as well as changes to eating, exercise, sleep, and stress-management habits. But what I never really think about is how important it is to be organised. It’s extraordinarily difficult to prep healthy food and get to the gym if you don’t have an organised schedule to fit it all in.

I pride myself on how organised I can be in my work, with my blog and my social life. My family all tease me about how organised I am, so you’d think I would have realised that creating a more orderly plan for my fitness and weightloss would make things happen more easily.

My trouble is that I feel like I do too much planning, I plan and plan and never start! I’m so focused on getting the plan perfect that I wont start it until its exactly how I want it. The I decide that planning is a waste of time so I don’t plan, and big surprise, nothing happens.

I’ve decided I need to plan it as if it were a project for my Boss. That she needs it ready for the week ahead and that it needs to be in the calendar and ready to go. There needs to be time for meal planning, shopping, food prep, and then routine exercise time (minimum of 30mins) each day. It doesn’t need to be perfect because she needs it now, it just needs to be doable.

See how a plan is more achievable when you think about it like this? If I were planning this for myself I would try and book things to the minute and that is just not realistic.

Alright, time to head out for my morning walk, like a boss.


All the feelings

I’ve never known what it’s like to be slim. I’ve always been at least 20% heavier then my peers at any given age. I’m sure there was a time when I wasn’t overweight, I do have some pictures of my 6 year old self and I looked like other kids my age. But I’ve always had fat hands, my fingers like little sausages.

I wonder if that is some of the reason I find it so difficult to lose weight? I’m so use to being overweight that I sabotage myself at every turn, telling myself that I’m being mean if I deny myself the huge servings and take away that my mind tells me I’m craving.

I have thought about seeing a psychologist to help me figure out why I keep doing this to myself. Maybe they can explain it to me and I can fit it.

I read about other people that manage to lose their weight and how they did it. They say to eat better, exercise, surround yourself with fit people so that they inspire you to do the same. But in my experience these people are usually jerks to people in my situation. I want to surround myself with comrades, people in the same situation as me, fighting the same battles, feeling the same doubts.

I find books and movies inspiring. Reading about other people who were in the same position as me rising up and beating the odds to get super fit and healthy. Movies that have people training in new skills and kicking butt. They inspire me.