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Too much feasting for my liking!

Why is it, at Christmas, I feel the need to eat until I feel so full I’m going to burst? Is it because the food is there? Is it because that’s what I have always done? Is it because I love food and its so tasty? Is it because I have a big family and this is the one time I could have whatever I want and as much as I like?

Honestly I think it is a mixture of all of these reasons. There are a number of delicious things to eat and I have 3 times what anyone would normally have. Not only that but its usually lunch AND dinner. No wonder I put on weight over Christmas. But not this year!

This year I’m having a plate like this:

Well it wont look exactly like that, but that is the measurement method I’ve been working with. I need to make sure I don’t snack outside of meals and if I do its health and only because I am genuinely hungry. I’m wearing jeans today. My only pare of jeans and they feel tight and uncomfortable. I’m stressing because I know where I’m headed and I can’t seem to make myself care enough to stop. I just keep sitting on my ass and eating whatever I like.

But that isn’t who I am, and I want who I really am to shine through to the outside, not be covered up with weight. With Christmas comes a new year and this year is going to be the year I publish my before and after photos. This year I’m going to take charge and make my dream come true. I know I will stumble, you can’t reach 28 and not know you will fail, but I know I will get back up and make this happen.

Here’s to my best year yet!