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Week 6 (6 Week Challenge)


What will tomorrow bring…

I love that its almost the weekend. I’m so tired I could easily go to bed as soon as I get home. But I have a few changes to see to and so bed will have to wait.

I’ve already started on my ‘getting up earlier’ goal. There is no reason I can’t start it at the end of a week. I think it will make next week easier too. My alarm is set and ready to go, lets hope the rest of me is as ready.

It really feels like I’m allergic to exercise. But is that just because as a society we are use to having every pain and symptom treated? If there hadn’t been so much research done on how exercise is good for you, I would think we would be avoiding it. It makes you sweat, itch, ache, and its hard.

The truth is we are just too comfortable. We avoid being uncomfortable at all costs, no matter what it does to our bodies or our minds.

The challenge I have set myself for the weekend is to do a cleanse with tea and aloe. This isn’t some fad or a juice cleanse, its just adding more drinks into my day to help clean up my gut.

Fun times!

Walk/Running – Day 2

I read a book late last year about a man that started running in his 50s. He was overweight, a smoker, and very much a couch potato. But he decided to challenge himself with the task of becoming a runner, it took time and dedication, but he got there. The trouble with most running books and articles are that the people in them are just unfit, or they had been a runner in the past but haven’t done it in years. I just couldn’t identify with these people. Now I’m only 26, but I am very much over weight. I don’t want to hear about skinny people spending a few weeks training and then being in great running shape, its not going to be like that for me so I want to read about how to stay on track for the long hall, how to stay motivated when you’d rather assume your usual spot on the couch.

The book is called ‘No need for speed; a Beginner’s Guide to the joy of Running’ and it was written by John Bingham. Originally I had borrowed it from my local library, but I purchased my own copy knowing I wanted it as a reminder and reference guide. If you are umming and arring about weather or not you could be a runner, get this book.

Anyway what I really wanted to get to was that this book recommends walk/running. Its a method of walking for a bit, mixed with running for a bit, to build up your ability to run for longer distances. That is this weeks goal for me, building up my ‘walk’ into a walk/run.

Ground Zero – Day 31

Its the last day of the Challenge and I’m sad to see it come to an end. I have had good days and great days, mixed with some bad days and some crap days. Over all this month I had managed to lose 2kgs, put 1.5 back on, and then finish up having lost the 2kgs in total. So over the month I lost 3.5kgs total but with some up and down movement.

I have managed to change my water drinking habits and increased what I drink over all, I am very proud of that.

I have taken to walking more often and I have some walking buddies I can rely on. I have loads of tips and advice on how to do better in improving my over all health and I’m loving it.

Time for Challenge 2!! I’m really going to up the exercise in the challenge and try out some new recipes. Hello January 🙂

The Big Day – Day 25

FOOOOOOOD everywhere! An early morning walk, some coco pops for breakfast, a shower, a HUGE lunch (Turkey, ham, lamb, veggies), and some left overs for dinner.

Over all it was such a great day. Loads of talking and catching up, good food, great weather, presents all round.

Merry Christmas!!

On the eve of Christmas – Day 24

I have been crazy busy setting up for Christmas day and cleaning up the house I’m sure that has to count for exercise. We have loads of veggies planned for the big day as well as our usual meats that I’m sure I will manage to stick to a healthy diet – its just the portion sizes I need to watch!!

Its been great being home with my family, we have been encouraging each other to walk and keep up the exercise even though the days are getting warm and its easier to sit around.

My one downfall has been drinking a can of coke with dinner each night. Its no good and I know it. On the plus side I wont be having much after xmas because I wont be home much. But then I need to make sure not to fall into holiday mode and forget to make better food choices! I think I need to memorise some staple foods and their calorie content so that I can know what the best choices are. Thats a good idea!

Fabulous Friday – Day 21

I just love it when Christmas comes around. I’ve been working very hard this year and I know its definitely time for a break. But I mean a break from my full time job, not my healthy lifestyle changes. Tomorrow is Saturday and I’ll be going to gym, eating a healthy breakfast and contemplating my goals for 2013.

Its easy to get wrapped up in holiday mode and forget what you are trying to achieve. I’ve done it every year and that is part of the reason I am this way to start with. Each year I relax and indulge over the holidays, gaining weight and falling into my new size without even realising it.

I will refer to my 10 reasons for losing weight whenever I start to crave or feel the need to over eat or slack off on exercise. I will have far more energy with not having to do 8 hours of work every day so this is my chance to really dig in.

Thuper Thursday – Day 20

Who’s been drinking 2 litres of water a day?? This guy!

Sorry I’ve been checking out memes all day, that one seems to have stuck with me. Anyhoo I’ve been getting a few things right, and more than that my body is making me get better. It feels every extra kg lately, I know I have to get moving or I’ll not be able to work.

I’m going to lose weight over Christmas. I’ve already started and its happening. I will enjoy the feast like everyone else, but I’m still going to exercise and I’m still going to watch my meal sizes.

Bring on the new year of change!