What do you want to do?

I want to reach some real targets, and see real progress with my weight loss. I want to fly to a place I have never been and spend a week at the beach. I want to celebrate milestones with my friends and family. I want to have money to cover living costs, have money to have a good time, and have savings in the bank.

So if these are the things I want then why haven’t I made it my mission to do it? Why don’t I already have these things? What is holding me back?

So if there’s a tip I would give you for 2015 it’s this: decide what you want to do and figure out what’s getting in the way of you doing it.

Let’s break my list down and do just that.

I want to reach some real targets, and see real progress with my weight loss. I constantly fall back into my comfort zone and avoid the pain of working out.

Solution: Choose workouts that ease you into it and stretch – swimming, yoga, walking, light weight lifting.

I want to fly to a place I have never been and spend a week at the beach. I never have any money because I just spend it whenever I like. The I worry about debt from credit cards.

Solution: Start a realistic budget and follow it for 12 months. Tweak it as you need to but really make it work. Have a goal thermometer to help you see that you are reaching your goal.

I want to celebrate milestones with my friends and family. I’m always so busy and it feels like I don’t have time to do this properly, trying to please everyone.

Solution: Make appointments with people and keep them. You do not live to make everyone else happy.

I want to have money to cover living costs, have money to have a good time, and have savings in the bank. Money seems to just come in and out every week and I have nothing left. I’m trying to save for a house deposit but there are no other savings, where does it all go!

Solution: Spending Fast, track your money, and use the above mentioned budget.


My dream for 2015

I have 2 years until I reach my 30th Birthday. Last year, turning 27 didn’t seem all that big of a deal. But this year, turning 28 and knowing I haven’t achieved things I wanted to makes my stomach ache.

Don’t get me wrong I have achieved HEAPS these last few years. But there are some big milestones I want to be able so reach before my 30th. For example, I want to live in my own place. I know I wont have paid it off from the bank by that stage but I want to live in it and know that is will be mine. I want to reach my goal weight of 65kgs and be super fit, super healthy, and addicted to exercise. I want it to be where I turn when I’m stressed or worried. I want to spend my 30th at the beach (Fiji? the Caribbean? I can dream) with close friends sharing drinks, stories, and a well deserved break.

I have lots of smaller goals but these are the things I want to do over the next 2 years. These are the goals I want to help shape my life and help me be the person I want to be.

I have most of my deposit for the house, I am really hoping to find something this year and I can get stuck into my weight loss. I feel like that kind of change will really help me get some new routines in place. Making sure I eat right and exercise. There needs to be a safe running track or park near the house so I can really get on track.

I want this so bad but when I am presented with temptation I cave and eat take-out or I skip gym. If it was easy it wouldn’t build character right?

Heres to making my dreams come true in 2015.

Week 5 (6 Week Challenge)

This week has just flown by! Its been a haze of grief, doubt, work, driving, just doing what has to be done. I feel like this Challenge has been forfeited. I still have a long way to go but this challenge seems to be winding up.

I have been getting up earlier and fitting more in during the day, but not as much as I would like. I think I need a planner to work through over Christmas to make sure I keep my diet and exercise on track. Something with a new challenge for each day so I can cross something off the list and feel like I’m completing the challenge rather then just bobbing along. I might get something drafted up so that I have a starting point for the next few weeks.

So other then the weird week I’ve had, I have managed to reach 10,000 steps 2 days in a row which feels great. I’ve been getting up early and fitting a lot into my mornings as well.

This next week I want to plan some new challenges and decide what to do during my time off over Christmas. The less money I spend, the better, the less I pig out, the better.

Week 4 (6 Week Challenge)

We buried my Nan today. As you can imagine it’s been a hard time for my entire family, especially my mum. She has been so amazing strong through this whole thing. Nan was diagnosed with Leukemia about 4 years ago, her Doctors said she had anywhere from 12 month to possibly 5 years.

Nan had been experiencing terrible back pain before the end. She had been into Hospital twice before they transferred her to palliative care. There were people visiting with her everyday, the Nurses would come in surprised and comment that it was like the weekend in there with so many visitors. She was like a second mum to me and I will miss her dearly.

It’s been hard to think about much else this week. I’ve not had a huge appetite and I’ve done some walking but nothing to really help the cause.

It feels like life has been suspended, like everything is hanging up in the air. It’s been weird going to work and being asked to do things, it feels like they should all stop because someone I love is no longer with me, she is suspended and we all need to stop moving forward. Its an odd feeling that’s for sure.

My Nan was on a strict diet ever since she was in her late 20s due to a slight liver overload. When she started to feel really sick the Doctors had no idea what was wrong. It wasn’t until she saw a Naturopath that he told her she was intolerant to a number of foods simply because her liver couldn’t cope. She stopped having wheat (gluten), dairy, yeast, chocolate, and refined sugar all so that she could feel normal and healthy. I want her discipline, her strength, her kindness, and warmth. I want to be able to look back on my life as I’m sure she did hers and know that I did everything I could to take care of myself and my loved ones.

So next week I’m going to spend time taking care of everyone, as well as myself. I will be doing some cooking for Pa, and getting things running smoothly at home as much as possible.

Week 3 (6 Week Challenge)

Last Week in review:

I had a really good time over my long weekend, my only worry is the amount of money I spent! I was healthy with means, mostly salads and healthy protein packed breakfasts.

I did forget to take my food journal away with me but given the activities I did each day I can easily remember what I ate each day – so that is now up-to-date! I have been making some great progress on my steps challenge too, making 8,000 a day! I know 10,000 is the goal but given I was doing between 2,000 and 4,000 each day this is major progress. Yay!

Since getting back I’ve been to an evening event at work, a charity meeting, and tomorrow I’m helping out with a charity dinner as well as the color run on Sunday!

Phew! Wish me luck.

What I’ll focus on this week:

Given I was on leave for a big chunk of my week my morning routine has really slipped and I’m lucky to be getting up at 7am. Time to implement my 15 minute plan again and start waking up earlier to fit in my important plans.

With such a busy weekend I need to make sure I make time to prepare my food for the week at some stage, otherwise I will give in to buying my lunches which can be costly on my wallet and body!

Lastly water is going to play a huge role this week as I move up from 2 Litres a day to 2.5. This is very necessary given that summer is on its way and I want to get this weight moving.

Week 2 (6 Week Challenge)

Big week for me this week! I’ve only had to work 2 days with Cup Weekend and now I’m at the beach for a long weekend with one of my girlfriends!

Last Week in review:

Well what a week I’ve had! It’s been crazy busy finishing things at work, more so considering I’ve only had 2 days to get 5 days worth of work done! I have been completing my food journal but I have to admit I have really been slack with my walking. Even with the color run looking I haven’t made more of an effort.

I’ve made a huge effort to drink more herbal tea and water, but again I caved to old habits and had soft drink over the weekend. I don’t know what cracked my resolve, I was so determined not to have it and then I just did it.

I also gave this detox drink a go to help lose some of the bloating I have felt:

60 oz of purified water
2 tablespoon’s lemon juice
1 tablespoon sugar free cranberry juice
1 dandelion root tea bag

All you do is eat normally (still on the healthy side) and drink one of these teas a day. It helps to reduce water weight and as I’ve been drinking plenty of water I know my body still has what it needs every day.

So loads of room for improvement this week, but I think I have given myself too many things to change at once. I need to focus on just one thing, like drinking 2L of water and not drinking any soft drink. I can have Soda water and mineral water so there is no need to crave other fizzy drinks.


What I’ll focus on this week:

I know I love to eat out and I usually forget portion sizes when I am thinking about all the delicious foods! BUT I think it will be good for me to think more about my budget too while I am away. I’ll be checking 2 things off my list by watching my spend AND what I eat.

Also I have been struggling with getting my steps up to 10,000 every day so I need to make more of an effort with that. My fitbit is charged and ready to go!

More then anything I want to start being that person I envision myself to be. The fit and healthy women that makes good choices. I want to be the person I keep telling myself I should be. So that will be part of my method of staying on track, I’ll ask myself “would the ultimate me do this?”.

Week 1 (6 Week Challenge)

So this week I need to burn 1.66kgs (3.6 pounds) to be on track for my 6 week challenge. I have decided to review things on a Friday so that I can have a fresh start before the weekend ahead and do my best to make better decisions when it comes to the kinds of foods on offer on weekends.

So how will I achieve this weight loss?

Diet & Exercise.

What will I do/change about these things to actually reach my goal? Clearly what I have been doing hasn’t worked.


I will stick with my protein and salads to give my body the fuel it needs without loads of calories it doesn’t need. Protein shakes for breakfast at 7.30am each day, healthy snacks, salad and protein for lunch, and salad or veggies for dinner. Given that the weather is getting warmer here I crave salads, I just need to watch the tasty additions like dressing and sauces. Same with my protein portion sizes. I can do this.

As of this minute I’m only going to drink water or herbal tea for the next 6 weeks. This will be hard to remember as I always go for a tasty fizzy drink when I’m out. I’ve just made myself a note on my hand – hopefully that will help remind me!

Water water water! When your results depend on you having enough water I know I am doing well by just drinking it! 2 litres a day minimum!!


With the color run coming up I’m going to be doing as much walking as possible over the next 2 weeks to make sure my body is prepared. I think it will be the weeks after that I need to make sure I keep up the good work. Its always easy to feel I’m finished once I reach a goal like that but I want to keep the momentum going.

I’m adding swimming and other fun sports to help keep myself motivated.

Also I know muscle burns fat, so I’ve got some weights that I will be lifting daily to help build up my strength and burn off the weight.

How will I track my progress? 

I have created a journal with each day of the challenge listed ready to record exactly what I have eaten, how much water I have had, and what exercise I have done. At the end of each week I’ll review my progress and write about it here.

My weekly posts will also have information about my plan for the following week and what I will be doing to make better progress.

Choose a Shoe


I have been pretty lucky with my feet. They have carried me around all my life and I have never had any real problems. My single complaint is that they aren’t a great shape for fancy shoes. My feet are broad across the toe which means most strapy shoes don’t fit, I call them duck feet.

BUT Runners are something that do fit and I find it easy to find good ones. I’ve been wanting to get into running so I know I am going to need some good shoes for that. I wouldn’t mind trying hiking as well. I found this great guide for choosing the right shoe for the activity you want to do!