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This year its a no-brainer!

I’m a huge fan of stationary. The better I can plan and organise a project the easier it is to pull off, not to mention how organised it makes me feel. So why would I treat my weight loss goals any differently?

20150105_082759I splurged over the new year break and bought myself a new diary for 2015. I already have one for organising my general appointments and reminders, but to really take control of the year I wanted a diary I can write in every day, take everywhere as its not too big or bulky, where I can track what I’m eating, how many steps I get done each day, how much water I drank, how I’m feeling – all of that.

I find it too personal to put this stuff in my appointment diary as other people see that when I’m booking things in. This is for my eyes only!

I have added colourful tabs along the top that mark out the half way point, and end of each month so I can clearly see how much further I have to go before my next deadline. I also found this neat pencil case that slips over the cover of my book and holds my pens. No more excuses not to do my food entries because I don’t have a pen handy. I also use planning as a way to avoid the kitchen and snacking so being able to have this with me is really key.





So happy with this buy! It has really been keeping me on track!!