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This is it!

It’s 6 days in to 2015 and I’m on track to making this my year. MY year, you know, the year when I turn my life around and reach my health and fitness goals. Yep, that’s what this is. Given how far I have to go I have actually given myself 18 months to really turn things around and in that time reach my goal weight. I need to talk about it, write about it, shout it from the rooftops because this year, this month, this week, this day, its happening.

Some of you may doubt me, and that’s ok. After all only 42% of people actually decide on a resolution, and 82% of them don’t achieve their resolutions at all.

But I have it all. I have the plan, I have the time, the dedication, and nothing is going to get in my way of reaching my goals this year.

I had a huge light bulb moment this morning. Everyone was chatting about what they did over the Christmas break and we found ourselves on the topic of fitbits. I got myself one at least 12 months ago to help me measure my fitness so it was interesting to hear that a number of other people have them and easily reach 10,000 steps a day, usually more. Considering I average 4,000 to 6,000 steps I can see why I’m so out of shape.

So to help me achieve my goals this year I’m planning some new routines to help me boost my steps each day. When I compare myself to others I can see how they manage to fit so many steps into each day: they have families to get ready in the morning (and plenty of running around after them) I just have me so they’d do double my steps right there, some walk to work, others do morning errands (dropping kids off at day care etc), I go directly to work, they walk up the street at lunch time, I read, they walk home or run kids around, I head home and work on my store/blog/make dinner. See what I mean?

My fitbit is charged, and I’m ready for another week of awesome. Bring it on!


Week 3 (6 Week Challenge)

Last Week in review:

I had a really good time over my long weekend, my only worry is the amount of money I spent! I was healthy with means, mostly salads and healthy protein packed breakfasts.

I did forget to take my food journal away with me but given the activities I did each day I can easily remember what I ate each day – so that is now up-to-date! I have been making some great progress on my steps challenge too, making 8,000 a day! I know 10,000 is the goal but given I was doing between 2,000 and 4,000 each day this is major progress. Yay!

Since getting back I’ve been to an evening event at work, a charity meeting, and tomorrow I’m helping out with a charity dinner as well as the color run on Sunday!

Phew! Wish me luck.

What I’ll focus on this week:

Given I was on leave for a big chunk of my week my morning routine has really slipped and I’m lucky to be getting up at 7am. Time to implement my 15 minute plan again and start waking up earlier to fit in my important plans.

With such a busy weekend I need to make sure I make time to prepare my food for the week at some stage, otherwise I will give in to buying my lunches which can be costly on my wallet and body!

Lastly water is going to play a huge role this week as I move up from 2 Litres a day to 2.5. This is very necessary given that summer is on its way and I want to get this weight moving.

Week 2 (6 Week Challenge)

Big week for me this week! I’ve only had to work 2 days with Cup Weekend and now I’m at the beach for a long weekend with one of my girlfriends!

Last Week in review:

Well what a week I’ve had! It’s been crazy busy finishing things at work, more so considering I’ve only had 2 days to get 5 days worth of work done! I have been completing my food journal but I have to admit I have really been slack with my walking. Even with the color run looking I haven’t made more of an effort.

I’ve made a huge effort to drink more herbal tea and water, but again I caved to old habits and had soft drink over the weekend. I don’t know what cracked my resolve, I was so determined not to have it and then I just did it.

I also gave this detox drink a go to help lose some of the bloating I have felt:

60 oz of purified water
2 tablespoon’s lemon juice
1 tablespoon sugar free cranberry juice
1 dandelion root tea bag

All you do is eat normally (still on the healthy side) and drink one of these teas a day. It helps to reduce water weight and as I’ve been drinking plenty of water I know my body still has what it needs every day.

So loads of room for improvement this week, but I think I have given myself too many things to change at once. I need to focus on just one thing, like drinking 2L of water and not drinking any soft drink. I can have Soda water and mineral water so there is no need to crave other fizzy drinks.


What I’ll focus on this week:

I know I love to eat out and I usually forget portion sizes when I am thinking about all the delicious foods! BUT I think it will be good for me to think more about my budget too while I am away. I’ll be checking 2 things off my list by watching my spend AND what I eat.

Also I have been struggling with getting my steps up to 10,000 every day so I need to make more of an effort with that. My fitbit is charged and ready to go!

More then anything I want to start being that person I envision myself to be. The fit and healthy women that makes good choices. I want to be the person I keep telling myself I should be. So that will be part of my method of staying on track, I’ll ask myself “would the ultimate me do this?”.

Shut up voice of doubt, I can and I will!



For a moment there the doubt started to sneak in. That thought that maybe I should just stay as I am because I know how to be this way, I know what to expect from other people and I should just accept myself as I am anyway. I could never look like those women, toned fit and healthy, its just too far to go.

Yes its easier to stay the same, that is why I have failed so many times before. That is why so many other people have given up, or never tried.

I do accepts myself, I appreciate my strength of character and my ability to care about others. I know I am a good friend, sister, and girlfriend. I accept that I am not naturally skinny, and that I can’t eat anything I want and be healthy.

I need this change. I want it. I want the person I am inside to shine through to the outside. I don’t want to be judged poorly because of my weight. The voice of doubt has no place here any more. I am on the right road and it will get me to where I want to be. It will be hard, it will take time, and it will change parts of me. I have spent my life being overweight and I’ve had enough of that. Losing weight and getting fit will not change the fun, silly, happy, caring person that I am. Losing weight will give me the confidence to do more, see more, and experience more for a lot longer than I would have otherwise given my unhealthy state. It is all good change.

So, voice of doubt, you can come here with your smarmy words and encourage me to give up, fall into my old habits, and sit around crying about how crap my life is. You can tell me about the easy road, fatty foods, watching tv, and how I’m not worth it, I don’t deserve to be happy, and I can’t do it.

But I can’t hear you. I believe I can, and I will.

Forgiving Friday – Day 14

The end to a week and the start to the weekend. This has to mean I get another go at meal plans and exercise.

I seem to be having trouble remembering what I want most over what I want right now. Is this the kind of thinking that needs therapy? Is there a way to train yourself to think more long term and less in the moment? I know we need to live in the now because otherwise we can get too wrapped up in the past, or too focused on the future and we forget to live. But I want to live a certain way to insure I have much more life to live.

I think I need to dig up some affirmations to memorise and recite to myself. More than that I need some to help me silence all the negative thoughts that go on inside my head. Ooo! I’ve just done some searching and found the below info, this will come in handy.

Nix the Negative Self-talk

When you start to think this… Tell yourself this…
I can’t I can and I will
I’m too tired I have the energy
I don’t have time I make time
Exericise is too hard I love being active and healthy
Losing weight is impossible I can and I will lose weight
I hate dieting I like making healthy, satisfying food choices



Here is another one that provides 100 days of affirmations. I’m not sure this would be as helpful for me as I want to memorise a few so that I can pull them to mind every time I start to think off track. But I will be reading these to give me some ideas.


Pre-Month Preparations

Like with almost everything else, a good start is in need of an introduction. I’m Kat, a 26-year-old female trying to figure it all out as I go along. I work full-time,  and I have enough hobbies to sufficiently insure I have no time left over in my day. I’m also overweight, and not just a little ‘over’. Unfortunately I enjoy sitting around as opposed to exercise, tasty food to the healthiest foods, and its all caught up with me.

I’ve tried plenty of different things, I’ve lost weight, only to gain it back too many times to remember. This coming month (December) I am making some huge changes in my life that will put an end to my weight gain. To keep myself on track I’m going to post here daily. So expect a few rants, sob stories, motivational quotes and pictures, as well as my methods of madness that help get me through the month.

“You cant expect to lose all your weight in a month! What are you thinking?!”

Thanks for that subconscious,  I understand your concerns. I am not trying to lose all my excess weight within one month, that would be setting myself up to fail (and I have done that plenty of times before haha). I am using this time frame to introduce key goal achieving elements so that my new choice of lifestyle becomes more routine. Then after my month, I will put together a new set of goals and a new time frame in which to complete them.

Contrary to my title I don’t believe what I am doing is mad, I need this more than anything else right now, and it’s what I want. I know it’s going to be hard, very different, tasking, annoying at times, and more often than not exhausting, but also and most importantly – rewarding. By giving myself a short time to get the basics down I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Deciding to start during the month of self-indulgence and feasting is just a happy coincidence.

As it is still November I will do my best to be as prepared as possible for the month ahead, setting up the best ways to measure my goals, exercise routines, meal plans, fun new ways to stay motivated and committed to myself.

And so commences my Month of Madness!